The principles and the conceptual foundation of our day-to-day operations guide us within the ecosystems in which we are interacting with customers, partners and competitors, and authorities of various jurisdictions.

Security and intelligence

We provide support for our customers’ decision making conundrums, as both personal and organizational life relentlessly trigger security related questions. Our inclusive approach on security covers both tangible – material assets, and intangibles – symbolic assets, as they are subjected to vulnerabilities, to threats and opportunities alike. We never pass the thin line of demarcation between the external and the internal decision making contexts, never taking the ownership of decisions. The intelligence we provide emerges out of a production chain which blends OSINT, HUMINT and academic research, when needed.

Private and public realms

Our units abide by the laws of all the jurisdictions we operate in. While we use to the fullest the results of open data and open government initiatives, trying to achieve OSINT proficiency, we benefit from the special laws that cover private investigators throughout the world, establishing both responsibilities and rights towards private data manipulation. We cultivate a trust-based relationship with public authorities, abiding by existing laws and regulations, as this is the only path towards the sustainable development of our professional branch and industry.

Ethical and professional standards

While we try to improve our effectiveness and efficiency, as agents in every other industry do, we carefully update our professional capabilities to keep pace with the developments in those different societies we operate in. We are continuosly reinforcing the value of our ethical standards, with each and every completed project on our development path emphasizing the importance of a well defined code of business ethics and conduct.