We operate through two business units, both sharing a common approach to professionalism and accountability, yet complementary one to each other in terms of services offered and projects approached. We are based in Bucharest, Romania.

Total Trust Investigations

Total Trust Investigations is the leading arm of the group, with a history of more than a thousand cases addressed in over ten years of business activity. Building on both successes and failures, it grew a core of outstanding professionals and a network of trustworthy contacts across Eastern-Europe.

  • It covers a broad spectrum of investigations, countering internal vulnerabilities and external threats, on a scale that grows from personal to organizational level, from workgroups to business ecosystems, beyond borders and jurisdictions.
  • It covers the deployment, the management and audit of security enforcement means, providing such means when required.
  • It owns a project maturity model that gives customers flexibility in terms of the options available in accessing company’s services. Customers can opt for projects placed on a scale of complexity that grows from receiving targeted intelligence reports, to being provided with a customized situation awareness model, or being supported to develop own security and intelligence related capabilities.

Total Trust Business Development

Total Trust Business Development is the consultancy oriented arm of the group, supporting customers to conduct their venturing initiatives across borders of geographic, industrial or professional nature.

  • It helps customers to better assess the opportunities emerging in their operational environment.
  • It targets the planning, development and check-up of their business relationships, while building towards business growth or portfolio diversification.
  • Services offered cover both operational and strategic development, in scenarios varying from business matching to mergers and acquisitions, from legal aspects to proposal or capture management.


Over the years we have defined a particular way of approaching projects and customers, always emphasizing the need for the transparency of the activities performed under contract and of the ensuing costs. As the complexity of customers’ inquiries varies, so does the nature and structure of the corresponding projects. Our approach goes along four types of projects, with flexibility being attained by combining projects into a customer and case specific proposal.

Assessment Project – Defining the case

Customers’ inquiries are rarely defined in a complete and tractable manner, so that we can start collect evidence and build knowledge on the case. For most of the projects we have first to set up the trade-off between case complexity and the always finite resources available. An assessment study project is aimed at obtaining a report on:

  • the general issues under scrutiny, with their security and intelligence implications;
  • the particular context of the case, with its legal implications;
  • the right questions to be addressed and the list of some prospective answers.

Start-up Initiative Project – Getting a one-time solution

With the case confined to a tractable inquiry and with a few prospective solutions at hand, the investigation follows both the internal methodology and the investigative art. The strategy we follow is not only about planning, it stands decision making in an intentional, informational rich, and competitive environment. A start-up initiative project is aimed at:

  • leading to decision making and action in terms of the issues under scrutiny;
  • presenting actionable answers to the questions available;
  • generating new perspectives on the issues and entities under scrutiny.

Performance Enhancement Project – Getting the continuous solution

With each moment that passes after the case has been “solved”, the effectiveness and efficiency of the customer’s intelligence led judgments are subjected to variations. In terms of the security related developments, we are always trying to provide time invariant solutions. As surprises always take their share in intelligence affairs, a performance enhancement project is aimed at offering the continuous monitoring and scanning of the environment and of the entities under initial scrutiny:

  • defining relevant security indicators and the acceptable variation of these indicators;
  • continuously monitoring and scanning the customer’s security environment;
  • regularly generating intelligence reports for the appropriate decision makers.

Maturity Optimization Project – Getting the means to solutions

We help organizations in starting up or enhancing security and competitive intelligence departments, taking into account their industry specific requirements. While there are no recipes in finding the perfect mix of human and technical assets, we build on more than 10 years of intelligence practice, on academic knowledge and business acumen to:

  • define the intelligence needs at both strategic and operational level, on short, medium and long-term;
  • select and train the appropriate personnel, from within or outside of the organization;
  • start with the appropriate goals, methodologies and IT tools.