Commercial Engagement Policies

General clauses

Total Trust retains the authority to choose its clients and the projects it undertakes on behalf of clients.

The client and project selection process serves as a safeguard for the mutual interests of both Total Trust and its clients, supported by the wealth of experience and expertise amassed over more than 20 years of operation.

The selection of clients and projects adheres to a transparent set of criteria. In instances where none of these publicly disclosed criteria explain Total Trust’s decision to decline a commercial relationship, rest assured there exists another well-founded rationale behind the choice.

Criteria regarding the purpose of the project

  • Based on the vast area of expertise in business security, service portfolio and human resources, Total Trust is a company that strives for excellence in every project developed. The complexity and diversity of business security scenarios can create contexts where excellence remains an elusive goal within reasonable commercial limits (resources are finite for both Total Trust and Total Trust customers). For these reasons, Total Trust reserves the right to assess the feasibility of client requests and the framework for establishing a potential engagement.
  • The selection of projects carried out by Total Trust aims to relate the lucrative size of these projects to the set of existing resources, the only approach that allows the delivery of results under conditions of excellence.
  • The field of the project – the industry, but also the functional area impacted in the organization can also constitute elements that determine Total Trust not to initiate the establishment of a commercial commitment. Total Trust is not an omniscient and omnipotent company.

Criteria regarding the elements of the commercial commitment

  • Total Trust engages in commercial commitments exclusively with legal entities, strictly adhering to applicable legal frameworks and standards governing such transactions.
  • Commercial commitments undertaken by Total Trust require a project value exceeding 2500 EURO, equivalent to a volume of 10 hours of work. Clearly defined cost levels for each resource type (people – roles and technical) available for allocation within Total Trust are communicated and agreed upon with the client before any commitment is finalized.
  • Depending on the context, Total Trust accommodates commitments with fixed costs, commitments based on estimates (time and material), and commitments to supplement the client’s human resource pool. In most instances, the determination of the engagement type can be made after a brief context assessment, typically conducted as part of a discovery activity with associated costs to the client. Identifying the optimal commitment type is crucial for the success of the project.
  • The various project types are detailed under the “Approach” section. Total Trust advocates for commitments that conclude with the client internalizing both principles and procedures, essentially adopting best practices in the realm of business security. In essence, experience has shown us that every project should be considered as an integral part of a broader program aimed at developing business security capabilities within the organization.

Information Security in Commercial Engagements

Within the philosophy of Total Trust, business security extends beyond the digital realm and online space. Information security, as a means and objective for ensuring business security, has implications both in the IT space, addressing data security, and in the traditional activities of organizing and conducting work, areas that have not been and cannot be entirely computerized.

Confidentiality holds a pivotal role in the broader spectrum of information security, irrespective of the form and medium through which information flows between a source and a destination. This remains true regardless of how the information is stored, processed, or analyzed.

Our activities are guided by two overarching principles encapsulated within confidentiality:

  • Protecting the intelligence human sources vital to the operations of Total Trust.
  • Protecting the security profile of Total Trust’s customers, encompassing vulnerabilities and threats.

To put these principles into practice, we rely on two fundamental concepts integral to the organization of work within Total Trust:

  • Service secrecy, governed by distinct legislation in Romania and the NATO area.
  • Executive privilege, which establishes a zone of trust and dialogue between a decision-maker and their advisors. Any challenge to this framework renders the entire decision-making structure around business security devoid of spirit, reducing it to a purely formal construct.